The right choice of strategies for acquiring an external link mass, types of links
For a young website and a mature commercial resource, such a comprehensive promotion (through internal and external optimization) provides the opportunity to become an effective tool that allows the owner to get the desired profit. The work of experienced masters is always aimed at increasing the attendance of the promoted resource.

An experienced Seo-optimizer purchases links in stages in order to prevent a link explosion, i.e. the phenomenon of a sharp increase in link mass in a short time. If there is a sharp increase in the number of links, search engines can impose sanctions, since natural links cannot increase so quickly. When promoting, the consistency and thoroughness of the actions of the webmaster can minimize risks and achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

For the development of each resource, a specific strategy is developed depending on the region of activity of its owner and directly the topic. It is easiest to acquire natural links using the exchange, since it provides only trusted donors of the relevant subject. Such links may be:

permanent, i.e. eternal,
temporary, i.e. rented.
There is also article promotion, which involves writing a high-quality article on the topic of goods or services offered on the website being promoted. Next, a rewriting of this article is done - changing it beyond recognition with preserving links and meaning. This rewriting is done several times. After this, articles are placed in directories of the corresponding subject or on exchanges. Of course, this process is more time-consuming, but it is effective, because it makes it possible to place high-quality material that is interesting to users and get an external eternal natural link to the promoted resource.

Optimal dimensions of the external reference mass
Determining the optimal number of external links is not an easy task. A unique formula for its solution does not exist. Experienced webmasters in their work are guided by the following rules:

the younger the site, the smoother should be the increase in external links;
the more links you already have and the older they are, the more new ones may appear.
Old links may disappear, new ones appear on new sites - this is a completely normal process. It is important for the successful promotion of the resource that the increase or decrease looked as natural as possible. It is believed that for a resource to which less than 100 others are already redirecting, it is safe to buy from 20 to 30 links per month. If the number of redirecting resources is between 100 and 1000, the optimal number of new links will be 50 per month. If the number of redirecting resources is more than 1000, then it is quite possible to acquire up to 100 external new links per month.

The choice of anchors for new links should be approached with particular care. The thing is that a significant number of commercial anchors can lead to unnaturalness. Professionals recommend non-anchor links with non-commercial anchors more often than with commercial ones. Such a strategy would be the safest to promote.