The main types of activity in social networks
Post - posting a review article or other information on the page and blog of your account;
Repost - reprint of a post on your page;
Commentary - a written expression of one’s opinion on a particular post;
Like - an expression of approval of the published material (by pressing only one button). Translated means "I like";
Joining a group - joining to one or another group of like-minded people according to interests, hobbies and other things;
Subscription is a convenient tool, thanks to which you have the opportunity to follow the news and updates on the group or channel of interest;
Participation in the meeting - in such images you express a desire to come to a particular event;
Voting - a type of survey in social networks;
Tweet - Twitter post;
Retweet - reprint of an interesting post for you on your Tweet account, which was seen on someone else's page.