Key Aspects of the Image Promotion Process
The promotion of any images for different thematic resources is different. When working with complex commercial sites, it’s almost always enough to optimize illustrations for the successful ranking of illustrations. For such a promotion, external factors that the webmaster should work with are important.

The first thing to worry about is the presence of redirects from other resources to the promoted image. Such redirects can be in the form of a link with an anchor or another image. To place external links, it is preferable to select sites that are similar in theme.

You can also place the image on any authoritative resource, but you can not make an active link. The main thing is that the image has an address specified in Title and alt.

Both approaches are effective. It should be noted that updating TOP data on pictures is slower than on search. Therefore, in order to evaluate the results of the work, you need to wait 1-3 weeks. With competent optimization of images and creating optimal external conditions, it is easy to turn their promotion into an increase in the attendance of the resource, and hence sales using it.