Images for SEO or how to move right through the pictures
Images often appear in search results. Accordingly, a legitimate question arises: what can be achieved with the help of SEO-optimization of images. You also need to think about how positively the multimedia available on the resource pages can influence the growth of traffic and increase in sales. If you consider this area of ​​work on the development of the resource, you need to understand how it is necessary to optimize and promote graphic content so that it brings maximum benefit to the Internet resource.

Image promotion is a separate direction in website promotion. This article focuses on the main points that you should initially pay attention to when working with graphic content. Page design is equally important for the comfort of visitors, and for search robots. Therefore, the design of each of them should be carefully thought out. Pictures in the search results of Yandex and Google are shown in fairly prominent places. Users see a display of what they are looking for and go by clicking on the picture.

What queries are effectively promoted through images?
Using SEO-optimization of images to effectively promote multimedia queries, which, for example, include the following:

how to repair a bathroom video;
plastic windows photo;
interior design modern photo.
Such queries of various subjects are entered by users who are in search of certain content.

Also, image promotion is relevant for general queries to which an event is added. For example, the query "gifts for Valentine's Day" and similar. Any holiday can significantly increase the number of clicks per picture per day, which is positive for any Internet resource. It should be noted that both Yandex and Google use correctly optimized images with a significant number of transitions.

Image promotion with a competent approach to solving this problem provides a significant increase in traffic. Working with pictures consists in their initial optimization and subsequent promotion.

Key Aspects of the Image Optimization Process
It must be understood that the uniqueness of the graphic element is of primary importance. Computer technology is constantly evolving, and robots have long been able to learn to recognize the illustrations that accompany the text. Therefore, to promote images, it is preferable to use photographs or images created in a graphical editor for a particular site. You can check the uniqueness of each image through the service.

An alternative text description is <img src = ’picture’ alt = ’picture description’>. This tag is important for each image. In the description, it is preferable to write down keywords or describe directly the image itself. Title is also important, it is necessary to ensure its presence in each image. Keywords can be used the same as before.

It is important to immerse the illustration in a text that matches it and also includes the words used to promote it. Successful promotion of any images depends entirely on the weight of the pages on which they are placed. The speed and simplicity of entering the TOP image can be provided only by a professionally pumped page. For commercial resources, there is a rule: first you need to promote the page by the relevant keywords, and only then the image placed on it. The URL of the image should contain a keyword, as this can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of promotion. Keys can be registered in Cyrillic and transliteration. Experienced webmasters note that when writing transliteration, the effectiveness of image promotion increases.

The most preferred format for effective image promotion is jpg. This has already been verified by many CEOs. If you look at the TOP images of the most diverse subjects, then this format belongs to almost 70%, the remaining 30% covers GIF, PNG and others. The page loading speed is directly affected by the size of each image in kilobytes. You should also pay attention to this issue, since a lot of heavy-weight images located on one page will interfere with its fast loading, which will create discomfort for the user.

After the image has been optimized, it's time to move on to its advancement.