How to buy Social BackLinks?
Links from social networks is another modern tool for website promotion. They play the role of a signal to search engines, indicating that real users link to your resource. If there are a lot of such people, then this is a sign for search engines that your resource and the content that is posted on it is interesting, so it should be ranked higher.

What are they used for?
Increase the natural link profile (in other words, participate in building a high-quality natural link mass for your resource);
High indexing speed - due to the fact that content on social networks is updated very often and quickly, search robots are not always present there. For example, if you do not use a social link, the page indexing process will last up to 14 days;
Additional traffic - really interested real people follow similar links in social networks. The percentage of access from the pages of social networks directly depends on how interesting the content that is posted on the link is;
Branding - increase recognition. In a global advertising campaign to promote a resource and put it in the TOP, one link placed is practically ineffective, but the reaction of users to it with special attention is taken into account by search engines. The increase in the number of posts and likes increases the credibility of the site from the search engine. It is important that this process is stable and constant, and not one-time. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have an active page (open a group) in social networks and start promoting it.
Of course, these are far from the main factors for ranking a site. However, the benefits of social links can be measured not only by statistics. Their task is also to increase behavioral factors, which is very important for Yandex. This popular search engine among Russian residents takes into account not only the presence of links from social networks, but also takes into account clicks on them. Frequent clicks in the best way confirm that the link leads to a page with useful content and is placed in a real place where live users can see it. Behavioral factors, which are also formed due to the presence of social links, clearly demonstrate how useful the visitor is to the information on this site, based on criteria such as total traffic (referrals are also taken into account), failure rate, viewing depth, amount of time spent on the resource.

The ability to safely promote young sites
Social links are the most optimal tool for new resources: low-cost and active traffic, their efficiency is almost the same as that of links from the federal media, shorten the path of young projects that have not yet turned one year old to TOP-10 in search results . This type of link guarantees a result from the very first days of the start of the promotion process, which is typical of contextual advertising. For comparison, if you use exclusively classical optimization methods, then you need to wait a couple of months for specific results.