How to buy links correctly and safely?
To the question of where to buy links for website promotion, the answer is quite simple. There is a specialized exchange Sape, with the help of which it is simple and easy, as well as inexpensive to build an external link mass. This exchange provides a significant number of donors of various subjects, so choosing the required number of the most suitable is not difficult.

It is important, in addition to where it is better to buy links, to decide how to do it correctly. Of course, if a resource exists for a considerable amount of time and has weight, it may have more external links daily than a young site. If in the race for high positions in the search results we strive to significantly increase the external link mass every day, you can fall under the filter, since in such a situation link link explosion is inevitable. Search engines evaluate not only the quality of resources on which external links appear, but also their daily quantity. Excessive growth of the external link mass that does not correspond to the age of the resource will surely attract the attention of search robots, therefore, sanctions in the form of filters will be inevitable. For young resources, a purchase of one to five external links per day is considered normal. Please note that the smoother the external link mass is to grow, the safer and more effective the promotion with this tool will work. A smooth increase in external reference mass is the most reliable way of promotion.