External website promotion
As a rule, an Internet resource is created for profit. Attracting a potential audience is a priority for this purpose. The higher the site’s position in the answers of search engines on certain issues, the more users will notice and want to visit it. To get into the TOP of a certain resource, webmasters take various actions. There is such a thing as internal optimization, which allows you to significantly advance the resource. If the subject of the site determines a small number of competitors in the network, using only internal optimization it is possible to achieve the desired positions in the answers of search engines. If the topic is characterized by a high level of competition on the Internet, it will not be possible to manage exclusively internal optimization.

External optimization is an important job when promoting a resource
In such a situation, professional external promotion is also important. External website promotion is a set of actions by a webmaster, as a result of which it becomes possible to get links to a promoted resource from third-party sites. The presence of external links allows you to achieve higher rankings, and hence improved position in the answers of search engines.

The main two indicators that indicate the quality of the promotion of a resource are the so-called PageRank (abbreviation PR) and citation index (abbreviation - IC). Why do these indicators matter? The thing is that when a user enters a specific query, search engines give answers, the positions of which are influenced by the following factors:

keyword matching;
relevance, i.e. relevance and maximum correspondence of the subject of the resource to the entered request;
keyword matching;
authority of the resource.
The importance of resource authority indicators
TIC and PR are direct indicators of the credibility and weight of each Internet resource. PR was used by Google, and the citation index by Yandex. Citation index is divided into regular and thematic. It is thematic, i.e., TIC has more substantial value and significance for promotion. Accordingly, it is important that the untwisted resource is linked from sites that are similar in topic. When ranking sites Yandex takes into account TCI. The higher this indicator for a particular resource, the more authoritative it looks in the eyes of a search engine. This indicator also reveals opportunities for link exchange and inclusion in directories. Therefore, external promotion is characterized by high efficiency. TIC - this is one of the important indicators of the quality of the site.

Also, if there is a high indicator of TIC, it becomes possible to earn extra money through the site. Using the Sape.ru exchange, you can receive money for posting links on the site.

Since 2016, PageRank (PR) has been reset to all sites and disabled.

In August 2018, the TIC was replaced by a new metric - the site quality index (ICS), which reflects the relevance of the site to the audience. The more users using the site were able to satisfy their needs, the more tasks they solved, the more useful it is. It is important not only the number of users, but also the degree of their satisfaction, the general level of trust in the site. When calculating the ICS, Yandex uses all kinds of available data both about the site and about the business behind it.

External links should only be natural. It is such redirects to the promoted website that bring maximum benefit. Not only search engines begin to recognize the authority of a resource, but also users. Therefore, professional website promotion with external optimization is of great importance and can significantly improve position when ranking.